>>>> help please macbook pro wont start up<<<<<


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May 15, 2013
Can anyone please help.

i returned from holiday. tried to turn my mac on and there was nothing. so i thought the battery was dead.

i plugged in the charger the charger goes green as if it is fully charged when i press the power button, the sleep light flashes once then goes off. it sounds like the fans start then it stops.

its a 2010 17inch 2.53 i5 if that help.

any help will be greatly appriciated as i am at a complete loss.

ps i have bought a new charger as i thought it was that but no joy :confused:

thanks in advance
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Jul 23, 2002
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Since anything else that could be wrong is internal, you should bring it to an Apple Store and ask about the cost of repairing it.


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Feb 7, 2013
Could of told you it wasn't the cable likely because the light was coming on.

Try an SMC Reset. It can solve this problem sometimes.

Also make the title a brief description of the problem next time, not just please help. It will help you get more responses and makes things more organized.
Nov 28, 2010
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May 15, 2013
sorry guys. should have though about that a bit more. just a little stressed here.

will try the SMC reset. hopefully that will work.