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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Richdave, May 1, 2010.

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    Mar 23, 2010
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    I am hoping someone out there would be willing to assist me by getting a dump of their system SMC keys so I can do a comparison against my system.

    Ideally it needs to be done on a 2008 Alu 20in iMac with SMC version 1.29f1

    You need to have SMCFanControl on your system and know where the is located.

    1. Open Terminal
    2. cd to the directory that has the
    3. cd
    4. type ./smc -l
    5. select and copy the output and save/post
    6. exit terminal
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    Mar 23, 2010
    Outer East - Melbourne, Australia
    Why? I'm glad you asked...

    In case you are wondering why.. Still trying to fix my CPU fan run-on issue and examining the SMC data I have discovered that it appears my GPU temp monitoring may be the issue even though my actual temps are fine.

    My system reports

    TG0D GPU0 Die Temp Hex 1F80 Dec 8064 Temp 31.50C
    TG0H GPU0 Heatsink Hex 1D40 Dec 7488 Temp 29.25C
    TG0P GPU0 Proximity Hex 1F00 Dec 7936 Temp 31.00C

    SGHT [ui8 ] 1 (bytes 01)

    Sensor Graphics HoT. 1 = GPU Overtemp.

    SGTT [sp78] (bytes 1f 21)

    GPU Heatsink Throttle Threshold Temperature. If the GPU's heatsink temperature exceeds this temperature, the SMC will assert the GPU's throttle to slow and cool the GPU.

    Hex Dec Temp
    1f21 7969 31.13C

    SGTg [sp78] (bytes 1a 21)

    GPU Thermal Target Temp

    Hex Dec Temp
    1a21 6689 26.13C

    from this I conclude the actual temps are fine but the system is asserting an overtemp condition as the GPU target temp of 26.13C has been exceeded.

    A comparison with a good working system would help me disprove or prove my theory.

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