Help please with macbook (applecare) and what to do (UK)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Accoladeuk, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Accoladeuk macrumors member

    Jun 3, 2009
    Hello guys,

    I would prefer a response from someone who is based in the UK if possible.

    I recently purchased an Apple Macbook Model 4,1 2,4Ghz from an online 2nd hand advertisement site.

    The product on inspection was working fine but I have since noticed that the Optical Cd drive is very noisy and has even scratched a couple of my cds. The machine is covered by apple care until August 2011.

    I was wondering how I go about getting the repair seen to as I find the Apple site quite hard to understand and I filled out a form but it ended up being for U.S customers only.

    I have tried contacting the Seller but with no luck. He informed me he was emigrating to Canada (hence the Sale)

    I live a good hour and half away from an Apple shop. So i cant really just pop by.

    Any suggestions would be greatly received. I own 3 other apple products but they have always run in perfect order so I have never had a problem.

  2. molala macrumors 6502a

    Oct 25, 2008
    Cambridge, UK
    I have these two numbers, I'm not sure which one I used before. But try either one. Tell them you need AppleCare support. They will verify with your serial number whether you have AppleCare or not, then arrange for repair (including shipping).

    Apple UK Tech Support 0870 8760753
    Apple Repair 02086609999

    Do you already have an Apple ID? If not, register on the UK site. That would make things faster on the phone, as they would already have your contact information. Good luck.
  3. Accoladeuk thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 3, 2009
    Thank you very much :) I will try that tomorrow.

    Yep I already have an account, I think I registered my Ipod on there and also a few bits of software.


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