HELP PLEASE!!! with my video card(Nvidia Geforce 8800 gt) problem

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by vessel, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. vessel macrumors newbie

    Nov 5, 2009
    at least i hope it is. i've had a few things happen in the past week which are quite unfortunate. i've lurked here for a while on my linux machine which i've recently hooked up again, and read into replacing my (at least i think it's my video card) 8800 (came with the mac) with either a mac-ready ati or a pc ati that i have to flash. given that my computer is in 'will not boot unless in safe' mode, i worry that i will not be able to perform any tools necessary for an ati flash.

    to clear this up, i can provide camera shots and possibly screen shots to show what is happening. system (the whole OS) crashed while playing WoW. i was unable to command+tab to finder or even move my mouse (i play WoW in a tabbed window, not full screen, so this is another odd occurance). after my reboot, my dual monitors flickered with no activity. at first i thought it was the lighting in the room. then after trying to start WoW, the same problem happened again, my screens and computer froze. after restarting maybe twice, i could get the apple grey menu with the shifting gear, but after that a blue screen would occur with MSPaint-esque long lines going parallel across the blue. NOW. i have tried all the different 'hold down this configuration of buttons' solutions. if i boot into safemode, all of the above happens but i AM brought to a login screen, although it is through a 'jail cell' of those white bars. once again, if you need to see a picture, let me know.

    my applecare ran out 29 days ago or so. does this sound like my nvidia geforce 8800gt or something worse? i am running a pretty new 8core mac pro, i guess 2008, like i said the applecare JUST ran out. i haven't tried attacking the video card with canned air yet, but as i'm pretty new to mac pro (my only other mac has been an imac, a green one-piece monster) i worry that my predictions might actually be symptoms of a more severe case.
    oddly enough, in safeboot, when i change a display resolution such as from 1280x1024 to 800x600 or something along those lines, the screen goes entirely blue-no white lines at all. for a moment. then back to the horrible screen with a top navbar unviewable and some weird black and white bars along the bottom. i am stumped.

    all of these grey/white lines i can predict are imprints of the grey loading screen. this can be shown by looking at the grey marks in the middle of the screen at the white lines in the safe boot picture.

    the printscreen from safeboot on the mac does NOT feature the white lines in the lower section of these pictures

    the blue screen with lines: (horizontal view of entire screen trying to boot into regular mode-no shift key held down) (a close up of the two bottom black and white bars that appear at the mac grey screen, and the granulated pixels within them)

    inside safemode: next to linux (close-up of the white bars that exist both on the blue screen and in safe boot) (safeboot with the white lines, AND the black and white bottom bars)

    apparently i can web browse in safeboot. here is a printscreen of what the mac sees in this situation
    you will notice i DO have a menu bar when i hit printscreen, and a lack of the black and white bars on the bottom.

    so at the end of the day, will something like fix my problem? or is this worse than just a video card? i'm so upset about this i'm not as concerned with OMG GRAPHICS AWESOMEEEE as getting my computer i paid an arm and a leg for back up and running. thanks so much in advance.
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    Nov 17, 2008
    Hollywood, CA
    card is shot

    3870 should work, item in pix is a Mac/PC 3870...gotta be the Mac/PC one
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    Nov 5, 2009
    thanks for fast response-so i definitely killed it with excessive gaming? man i'm good. :(

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