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    Dec 13, 2010
    hey guys i have looked everywhere for help but i cant find anything so i got a membership here and im hoping you guys can help me out. my dad just got an iphone 4, so i got his old iphone 2g. i wanted to unlock it because i dont have $20 a month. i found out it was still running 3.1.3 so i downgraded it to 3.1.2 and jailbroke it using on the actial device. i added the source and got bootneuter and ran it and it said it was completed but i still had no service. so i searched around and found on this website that someone had deleted something like like var library or something and that it had solved it and given him reception. (i forget the actual steps) but i used ifile and found it and deleted it. i still had no reception, so i looked around again and saw everyone on the manuals had used blackra1n ----(not sure if this is just because thats all they had or not)----, so i restored my iphone 2g back to 3.1.2 again so that it was unjailbroken, and then i jailbroke it with blackra1n. i got cydia off of the blackra1n app, but when i went to open it all id did was say the redoing information or something like that when it opens like always, but i couldnt get past that. i set the auto lock to never and left it for over 2 hours but it still was just showing the same thing. i rebooteed it a few times but it still didnt open. so i restored it once again and rejailbroke it with and now when i open bootneuter and try to flash it it just says that it is already done, but i still have no service!!:confused::confused::confused::confused: please help me out guys thank you!

    ps sorry this is so long just figured as much information as possible would help you guys out.
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