help pls accidently repartitioned whole drive bootcamp

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    hi, ive just got a macbookpro in my hands which my brother in law seems to have stuffed up installing bootcamp...

    hes accidently repartitioned the whole main Hard drive and now the thing wont boot into OSX...

    ive had a quick look booting using the Snowy install dvd and gone into disk utilities and no hard drive appears... (the HD is there on the left hand side, but there is no parition and is unformatted)

    now normally i wouldent give a crap, and reinstall OSX there and then, XCEPT he had all his un-backuped photos on the OSX hard drive (before he attempted to bootcamp partition it...

    Is there any way i can get my OSX partition back?

    any help would be greatly appreciated...

    i cant run repair/verify disk on it as its not sellectable on the drive...

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    You'll need an external HDD to install OS X to, and then get some third party software like this:

    If the drive wasn't too full and the data wasn't actually overwritten, you should be able to recover most everything.

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