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Discussion in 'macOS' started by heads up, Mar 16, 2008.

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    OK, here's the story. I have a Windows PC downstairs that has a printer connected directly to it. I have 3 other Windows computers in my house, and my Mac (i know, I'm living in PC hell!). All of the Windows computers are able to wirelessly print to the printer. When I try to setup my mac to wirelessly print to the PC, I can see the computer, and I can see the printer connected to it. It then asks me to select a driver from the list, but my printer model doesn't show up. It's an HP PSC 1210 all-in-one. I see several different drivers for the HP PSC series... just not the 1210.

    Any suggestions?
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    try the HP LaserJet Series PCL 4/5, 1.3 driver or one of the "Generic" drivers in the list. these are CUPS drivers which are open source and included with Unix.

    with my experience with printing to a Printer connected to a PC or router over the network if your printer driver isnt listed you use one of the open source drivers to print. but this means you want be able to take advantage of the features such as ink levels and the all-in-one features in your PSC 1210.

    i have an HP DeskJet 930C (pretty old) that i print with over the network with the HP DeskJet Series, 1.3 CUPS driver which works fine but you cant use features such as draft printing. but as soon as I connect it over USB to my Mac it shows up instantly with a new icon and you can use the features even though its not even listed in the drivers list.
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    When connecting to a Windows-shared printer, you must use a CUPS driver. The OpenPrinting project at the Linux Foundation supports your printer. You may download the driver here.

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