HELP: Quick Look of Plain Text Files Got Messed Up

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    As a web designer, I often work with text files and I use Quick Look a lot to view my files quickly without opening any application.

    Normally all plain text files such as .txt .html .css .php .srt etc. are shown in a monospace typeface in front of a white background. Other formatted text files such as .rtf are shown in the font as formatted (duh).

    Recently the Quick Look of my plain text file are shown in a Serif typeface on a yellowish background. This is annoying since I really like to have my plain text files shown in "plain text". The formatted text files are shown correctly, however.

    I have a suspicion that this is cause by Writer Pro app because I installed it recently. And the font and background in Quick Look seems just like those in Writer Pro.

    I've checked in /System/Library/QuickLook and nothing is suspicious and the modified time of the folder is long time ago before the issue occured. The /Library/QuickLook is fine as well, only iBooksAuthor.qlgenerator and iWork.qlgenerator are there.

    How to set this back to default?
    How to tweak the style of Quick Look if it is tweakable?

    Thanks for your time and attention.

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    Open Finder and select one of the offending .txt file then do a command-i to get info on the file. Look down toward the middle and I bet it now shows Writer Pro in the Open With... section. Change it back to Textedit and tell it to Change All. That should change the default back to Textedit and make Quicklook display it as the correct file type.

    If that works, go through and make that same change on one the other extensions .css etc.

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