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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by dorqiekat, Jan 19, 2006.

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    Hi, because of my problem with the whirring noise in my HD, I've been advised to watch the fan/hd/temp on my PB incase it may be a problem. So, I've downloaded XRG but don't really know what it's telling me apart from the fact that my computer is charged. :rolleyes:

    also, is dashboard always on? or is it only using memory when it's brought out.. like when pressing F12.

    So, what is the average temperature for a rev C 12 inch PB? And at what temp should I be worried?

    right now, I'm not doing much except listening to music and light surfing.

    (I don't know why, but MR won't let me upload pictures...)
    CPU: 13%
    Average: 22%
    Temperature: 113 F
    Load: 0.25

    F: 6M
    I: 66M
    A: 135M

    99% charged
    voltage: 12.554V
    Amperage: 0.000A
    Cur: 4010mAh

    CPU Topsid: 112.6 F
    CPU On Die: 129.2 F
    Battery: 86.0 F
    Hdd Bottom: 112.6 F

    3.7 K/s
    15.27 M
    9.84 M

    8.0 K/s

    Station: KTUS
    Temperature: 50 F
    H/L: 60/41
    Wind: NW 8
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    My PB isn't much differnt. 15 inch, 1.67Ghz G4. You do know there is the XRG for the dashboard and one that is an actual application that can be left on the desktop. Your laptop is normal it looks like. Dashboard is always on, but it doesn't use that much resources will its off screen as it does when its on screen.

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