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    Jun 15, 2011
    hello guys.this is my first post in the forum although ive been a regular reader of main tipb site.
    ive been using iphone 3g fr 2 yrs now and decided its time for an upgrde.

    as ive a little less budget so i am planning on buying a second hand(used) iphone 4 from a grey market here in India as the new one was just launched 10 days back and is 780$(16 GB).So i Have some queries

    1. Is there any way i can get to know that the iphone 4 is actually white or someone has changed the color or casing of black iphone 4 to white. i mean looking at serial no or model no or inside settings? there any way i can get to know that how old that iphone 4 is cos most of the sellers say its only 1 month old? there any way i can test if its battery is in good condition?

    4. IS there any way i can get to know if the iphone 4 is factory unlocked or unlocked using Ultrasnow without going into cydia because they dont have internet in grey market so i wont be able to pull up cydia.

    5.Can you give me some tips as in what to look in a iphone 4 when buying a second hand(used) as in screen, buttons, or volume rocker
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    Nov 30, 2008
    1) A sure way to tell is to plug it up and look in iTunes. The correct color of the iPhone should be revealed among the side bar. If a computer is not readily available, look inside the head phone jack and the dock connector.

    2) To check the 'age' of the iPhone, go to and enter the serial number. It will tell you how many months the warranty has been in affect. Since the device comes with 12 months of AppleCare, you do the math. :)
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    Jun 15, 2011
    thanks a lot

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