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Jul 11, 2009
Is there anyway to permanently remove this company profile administrating this MacBook mdm profile please help
You'll need to contact the company to get them to remove these restrictions, which they probably will not do if they did not knowingly get rid of the computer.


macrumors member
Jun 22, 2010
Indiana, USA
Your MacBook is listed in the Company's DEP Server. They are the only ones who can remove the Computer from their DEP. Did you come by this computer legally?


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Oct 27, 2015
Not from Philly
As everyone else said, the company that administers the MDM profile is the only one that can remove it. Period.

I had this issue before with an eBay Macbook Air... ended up learning that the laptop was stolen from a school district two states away. Fortunately eBay was great and got me a refund.

Sounds like you are in the same boat or got the "too good to be true" deal.
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