iPod touch HELP Replacing lock button on Ipod Touch 1G


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Feb 28, 2008
Hey guys, I really need your help on this one!

My ipod touch hasn't been working for months due to problems on the lock button. I think from the way it sat in the car the lock button got banged up one too many times from bumpy roads then one day it decided to not work anymore. It kept locking itself all the time without even touching the lock button.

I got my ipod open. I bought the exterior metal casing for it and "safe open" tools (that didn't work so well). It wasn't as easy as the videos on youtube show. I thought all I had to do was to change the metal casing and perhaps the button wouldn't get stuck anymore. I was wrong. The button is totally busted and needs to be replaced.

So here are some pictures I would like to show you:

After seeing that, what do you think? Can I do it? I can get the lock button for $29.99 + shipping, unscrew a couple screws and change the antenna and the lock button onto the new case I got and bang, working? Is that it?

THE BIG Q: if the lock button is on one side of the case and the ipod hardware on the other side, how are they connected? Was there a ribbon that I broke? Are there any ribbons connecting the metal case to hardware? I'm not sure how the lock button is connected to the other side where the hardware is.
I opened it up months ago and I can't remember if there were ribbons.

Any input is appreciated. I need some clarity from the experts out there.


Night Spring

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Jul 17, 2008
Think this may be the wrong forum for this -- not a lot of DIY fix talks here. Did you try ifixit.com?
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