Help, reset network settings on iphone does something weird

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by purpleparrotuk, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Hello. I have to reset my network settings every morning due to a know problem with Three and 4G on an iPhone 7. What is weird is that whenever I do it my iPad also loses wifi connection and I have to enter the password in again when I get home. What's weird is my iPad is at home on the wifi and my iPhone is at work when I do it. How can this be happening? Is it because they are all linked by iCloud?
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    You answered your own question. Remove a wifi network from one iCloud device it clears it from the others.
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    Usually it's iCloud Keychain that is behind something like that, although some have said it happens even without it and just simply from logging in with the same iCloud account.
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    Yes, it's iCloud. Resetting network settings will wipe out the saved WiFi connections on all of your devices where iCloud keychain is enabled. It happens on my MacBook and iPad every time I reset network settings on my iPhone.

    If desired, you can disable iCloud keychain and this will no longer occur.

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