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  1. mbmac macrumors newbie

    Apr 10, 2011
    Please help: I installed a new, larger-capacity hard drive; migrated most of my data through a Time Machine backup of my old hard drive; old data is in a folder on my desktop.

    I cannot find photos in my old iPhoto library (with names of photos and events saved) -- they're not in my "Pictures" folder in my user (old or new user). I cannot browse in Time Machine any further back than the first day (April 4) that I set up backups for my new HD (I have a Seagate 500 GB external HD that holds a lot of old backups plus my new ones).

    Similar situation with iCal, though I have calendar events for four different old calendars that I would like to "import" or "restore," but iCal will only let me import one event at a time (and they get imported as new calendars if I try to drag them into iCal) rather than the whole calendars and their settings, and no events are available (active) when choosing the "restore" option.

    Can someone offer advice as to how to reconstitute my old iPhoto library and my old iCal calendars fully on my new HD?


  2. GErm macrumors newbie

    Jan 16, 2009
    Same problem here!

    I have the same problem and I am only good with the basic use of a mac. I can't find all of my older pix-it has only kept the last 18 months. I can see the ix in my library if I dig enough but they won't transfer to the '09 iphoto.:confused:
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    Apr 3, 2009
    How to restore photos for time machine from old macbook

    Hello and Oh Boy do I need your help. Okay I had a macbook pro 13" since August of 2009. I always backed it up using Time Machine to a external hard drive. I just sold it and purchased a 17" macbook pro. I did a migration using ethernet cables. All went fine. I did this before from my older macbook to the macbook pro 13" so I figured I would do the same.

    Okay so my iphotos did not come over or my address book and mail. I have been watching all the great videos on Youtube of how to do this. But I cannot seem to get anything from time machine when I plug into it. There is no backups to go back to. What am I doing wrong? What drive am I to choose? This new macbook is out of phone help and I do not really want to pay $50 for a tech help at apple support. The nearest apple store is over an hour each way. Can some one please help me. Thank you

  4. mbmac thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 10, 2011
    Okay so my iphotos did not come over or my address book and mail.

    Lynn, I have been able to transfer address book and mail, thankfully, per the type of instructions found at a forum like the one you can find through the link below. I'm still needing help with iPhoto and iCal, though. Doing this type of moving of files (plists, or property lists) to the new locations did not work for me for iCal. I may have to call Apple. There's only so much time one can spend seeking answers ....

    Best of luck.

  5. mbmac thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 10, 2011
    restoring iPhoto, iCal - answers

    *** I just got off the phone with an Apple representative. Here's how to do it if your Time Machine backups are accessible:
    •enter Time Machine
    •if you cannot access the backup you want in Time Machine, plug your external hard drive directly into your computer
    •click on the backup folder and sub-folders that you named (one of the first ones will have a name ending in .sparsebundle) until you find the backup you want that Time Machine automatically names with the date of the backup
    •open the Pictures folder (still working in the backup folder) -- but be sure not to click on any icons on the left side of a finder window, because you will then navigate to your current hard drive instead of your backups)
    •click and drag the iPhoto icon (or if you also have other photos separately saved in your Pictures folder backup, you can drag the whole folder) to your desktop to copy it to your desktop (first, you can click once on the iPhoto icon and then command-i to get info on it to make sure it is the size you think it should be, e.g. 5 gb) (and you can also see in this info window the date this iPhoto library backup was last modified, as well as being able to see this in the finder window)
    •now click on the house icon with your name on the left of the finder window, thereby accessing your new hard drive
    •drag the old iPhoto library backup or Pictures folder backup that you just copied, from your desktop to the finder window (that you just opened by clicking on the house icon) that contains the system folders (such as Desktop, Documents, Library, Pictures)
    •you should get a prompt asking you to replace (or cancel) your newer iPhoto library
    •click replace; this will replace your new, blank iPhoto library with your backup iPhoto library
    •to verify it worked, click the iPhoto application icon in your dock

    ***for iCal
    •similar procedure
    •but you'll find the Calendars folder in the Library folder under the administrator's user (under Users) in your backup folders
    •copy this the same way to the desktop
    •open a finder window and click on your home icon on the left
    •drag the backup Calendars folder that you copied to your desktop, from your desktop to the Library folder
    •you should get a prompt to replace
    •replace your newer Calendars folder with your backup Calendars folder

    This should work. It did for me. Incidentally, I had to get 3rd party software to do this with all my iTunes songs. This software worked great, and it even restored my playlists. The software is iPod Access by Findley Designs. It was about $20.00

    I'm not sure what you would do if you can't enter Time Machine or plug directly into your external HD. If you had the old internal HD, you could buy a hard drive enclosure (hard drive cage) to plug that directly into your new computer and use that as an external hard drive to transfer files to your new Mac.

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