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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Matt98svt, Jun 11, 2019.

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    I am trying to retrieve the lost files off a 2015 MacBook air SSD that stopped working (would not power up). Took it to the apple store and they told us logic board is bad and would be $400 to replace, which I had to pass on. Tech removed SSD for me and I purchased a OWC external drive case for the SSD and connected it my old Windows 8 laptop. Im using HFS explorer that is supposed to let me access the files on the drive. When using HFS explorer I choose "Load system from device" then "autodetect" and it says no HFS file systems found. Below that in a drop down box it says "select a device" harddisk1/partition2. I can also choose "Harddisk1/partition 3" or "Cdrom0". So when I choose the partition 3 it loads the "RecoveryHD" drive but there are just some random files there but none of the main files from my MacBook. What am I doing wrong to access the main files? It does not show me the option of a partition 1 either. Any tips to helping me find the main macbookpic.jpg files on this ssd? thanks in advance
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    In the picture you posted, it seems like you can specify Harddisk0 partition1.
    Isn't that the one you want?

    if you could borrow another mac and assuming the SSD is still working properly, you should be able to boot from the SSD and then recovering files and copying them to something is really easy.
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    The drive may have been formatted as APFS if you were running High Sierra or later. If so, then it would not be expected to show in HFS explorer. Also, if the drive was encrypted with Filevault then it won't be accessible from Windows.
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    EDIT: never mind, chrfr beat me to the FileVault question.
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    (PS Hard disk0 should be the drive and if it wanted to access the entire drive you would search for HD0 partition0).
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    Update: Ok making some progress, had to run as administrator now it is showing all the drives and partitions as seen below. Then gives me a drop down box of how to run them as seen in pic 2 but no matter what partition or method I
    choose it says "handler unknown" or invalid HFS type


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    Thank you for the replies and help, this is actually my daughters computer and I do not know what OS system she was running but that she kept it updated regularly. In fact she has her important files backed up we are trying to recover pics of our dog that passed and some graphic design stuff was working on. I imagine all of this would be much easier if I had another mac to work from and do plan to get her another one in time but just don't have the funds at this moment. Thanks again
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    You might give Paragon Software's APFS for Windows a try:
    If the disk was formatted as APFS, this should work. I believe the software runs as a free, time limited demo.

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