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Discussion in 'macOS' started by pblandori, Nov 27, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd post my project to see if anyone has any tips or added steps for my planned OS X user migration.

    My mom gave me her 2011 Macbook Pro 17" and has a fully licensed version of photoshop on it. I plan to install a newly acquired 850 Evo SSD and then migrate my files from my old 2008 Macbook Pro. Here are my steps so far to making the new machine my own:

    1. Backup old MBP via Time Machine
    2. Clone new MBP drive to SSD
    3. Install SSD into new MBP
    4. Rename new MBP admin short name to my name
    5. Delete unwanted files on new MBP (any thoughts on how best to "clean house"?)
    6. Add old MBP user to new MBP via migration assistant and move files over to admit account

    The goal here is to have a almost clean install, while keeping the licensed photoshop copy intact. I will be working within OS X El Capitan. Any comments would be helpful.

    Thank you!
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    There is where you can run into trouble the original old user and the new will both have the same underlying UID number, the name means nothing it is just a place holder human friendly way to tell you the account number purely cosmetic. You are probably better off just taking the new to you mac clone drive to SSD put it into machine then over the network copy files wanted from old machine. House cleaning on the new to you not much to do other than delete the old personal files of your mother that are on the machine you do not want to remain. Oh and she should have changed the password of the account to one you want before she hands over the machine plus have deleted all her personal files anyways to have one less step for you to do.
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