Help setting up two monitors (an easy one)


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May 9, 2001
Ok, I have my PM ex G4 400 (now dual 500:) ) with a old fashion CTR monitor connected to the RGB video port, ok. If I get a 17" flat panel display would I be able to have the same video image in both monitors? or, the video car will only enable one of the video ports?

The thing is that I want to get a 17" screen and being able to have any kind of video out put thru the secund port, or do I have to end up buying a PCI extra video card?


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
If you have the original video card, then only one of the ports will be fed a signal at a time. If you go and get a video card that is a 'dual head' model then you will be able to feed both of the displays at the same time. You can then set it to either extend your desktop to both, or have one mirror on the other (which it sounds like you want). If you plan to keep the tower for any length of time, you would be better off just upgrading the one video card (provided you have a G4 with an AGP slot, not all PCI).