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Jun 24, 2015
So i have an app called SmoothMouse. It turns off mouse acceleration and because of that i need it because i play csgo competitevely. I installed the newest version El Capitan and now my cursour is just frozen in place and i cant do anything about it :(
I think the app is not compatible but not a single error popped up saying "SmoothMouse isn't compatible" or something like that, but on the previous updates it did. Maybe someone knows how to fix it somehow?
I will be extremely thankful!


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Oct 1, 2012
You should not be installing developer betas on your main system - many unexpected things will happen, such as apps not working (as you described), crashes, etc.

That said, you can try reinstalling an older version of the OS.
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Jul 3, 2001
SmoothMouse seems dead. They took the forum down for maintenance but never brought it back up again.
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