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Discussion in 'iPod' started by CaptainCaveMann, Jan 2, 2006.

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    Im a first time user of ebay, and im a bit confused. So i have a final bidder and my ipod bidding ends today. So what happens after its sold? How do i ship it? How do i get this guys address? How do i get paid? Thanks for any help.. -Caveman
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    Did you click on ebay's "site map?" There is an awful lot of information there divided into many categories, plus a Q&A forum. I would imagine all scenarios are covered.
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    OK - well, you should have covered these questions in advance and posted the terms and conditions with your auction.

    TYPICALLY: The buyer pays freight. You ship by a method that gives you a CONFIRMATION AND SIGNATURE on delivery. You will not ship out of country. You will not ship until you have received payment and it has cleared. Buyer pays you with PayPal (have you signed up yet?)

    Neither you not the buyer are entitled to change the deal (the price, the goods or the terms) after the auction has closed. However, it's possible that your auction didn't adequately set out the terms, so there may be some gray areas. What is the completed auction link?

    You contact the buyer by using the Contact a Member link which sends them an email through eBay's system, as you don't know their email address yet. You can also send to the buyer through the email that eBay sends you BUT be careful -- there are a gazillion phony eBay emails out there that will try to dupe you into logging in at a phishing site and steal your ebay account.

    You will send them your name and address and email and your terms. They will send you back their name and address and email, and usually ask for a final price including shipping. Tell them when you will ship it and hold to your committment.

    You will calculate shipping based on their address. US Postal Service package with insurance and signature on delivery is generally the best for small parcels within the USA. Check their website for pricing.

    You will not add on an exorbitant fee for 'packaging' - the honourable thing is to charge only what the USPS postage is.

    Don't agree to any exotic methods of payment. PayPal is best. A postal or bank money order is fine, but keep in mind that these can be forged as well. Check with your bank how long these need to clear before you are certain.

    Test the unit just before you ship. Then delete all of your songs/files from it before shipping. State to the buyer that it has been tested. State that there is no warranty, other than the goods will be exactly as described in the auction.

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