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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by pcgeek12345, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. pcgeek12345, Jan 4, 2013
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    pcgeek12345 macrumors regular

    Oct 9, 2011
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    Hey guys, I'm in the process of taking apart my mbp to install a DataDoubler and an SSD. I got the SSD installed fine; however, I went to unscrew one of the screws for the Airport board to swing it out of the way to access the ODD screw, and I stripped one of the airport screws. It's now stuck in, and I don't want to damage it more by trying to unscrew it. Any advice?
  2. ezramoore macrumors 6502a

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    Try to find another screw driver (different size and/or different tip type) that will allow you to back it out. Push down as hard as you can safely in an effort to get the most traction.

    After this, get yourself some great screwdrivers.
  3. Lil Chillbil macrumors 65816

    Lil Chillbil

    Jan 30, 2012
    take some superglue and apply it to the end of the screwdriver

    place it into the hole wait 30 seconds for it to dry and turn the screw out
  4. mobilehaathi macrumors G3


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    Throw it out and get a new computer. This one is broke!

  5. gen035 macrumors newbie

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    I had the same problem when I installed mine, I striped both screws very badly, the superglue trick didn't work, I bought some precision screw extractor from iFixit but the metal used for the screws was so soft that it only stripped them more.

    After about a month of trying different stuff, I ended up drilling them out. The trick to avoid damage to your computer is to only break the head of the screws, than lift the bracket and take out the remaining part with pliers. Took me about 2 mins lol should've done it from the beginning. The 2nd screw (far right, near the cables) is harder to take out with pliers, you'll have to remove 2-3 others screws and little pieces in order to have enough room to work around it.

    The only problem is that you'll have to find new screws to replace them.
  6. duervo macrumors 68020


    Feb 5, 2011
    I like that superglue idea.

    If I ever end up stripping a screw, I'll (hopefully) remember to try that.
  7. justperry macrumors G3


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    Next time use decent screwdrivers before you even start, makes a hell of a difference.

    Superglue does not work on a tiny area, the smaller the contact area the less it works.
    (I used a lot of superglue, it does wonders except when the area is too small)

    Normally the best way is to get special tools for this, but in this case it won't work since the screws are tiny, better drill the head off and then use pliers to get the rest out.( As gen035 mentioned above.)
  8. bobcan macrumors 6502a


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    YES.. Better Tools.. if Lucky, a Rubber band..

    YES to the 'proper tools'.. a cheap $5.00 Set of Screwdrivers is not likely proper.. Sadly, it seems what many people are offered to work on their $2000 Computers..

    ** You could try 'jamming the screwdriver tip through a Rubber Band placed against the Screw Face'.. If lucky, the screw may be capable of turning with that bit of extra grip it will add..

    If not, a Screw Extractor is what you need.. Essentially a tool that is hardened and tougher than the screw head (think of it as a Drill Bit that is used in Reverse) and will 'bite into the screw' as it is turned counter-clockwise..

    Good Luck!!
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    Jun 8, 2012

    fun sense of humor i love it ! cheap macs - so affordable most of the forum members have 4 + macbooks each year or more.

    *disclaimer to the sensitive types on here - this is complete sarcasm aight?!
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    Oct 21, 2012
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    Oct 10, 2011
  12. DIMEZ macrumors 6502a


    Mar 5, 2009
    drilling them out is the only option. pretty easy just be careful.

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