HELP! Syncing work PC w/MobileMe & iPad

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    Dec 13, 2010
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    Ok, I've searched for days on here and can't find a specific solution to my problem...Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I have a document folder on my work PC (running Windows 7), I have a MobileMe account, and an Ipad for when I'm out in the field. I have uploaded all my docs to MobileMe so I have access to them when I am out and have my iPad, but here is my problem:

    I update the files on my PC often and this computer is my main workstation so I do all my docs from it. Its hard to keep track of which docs I need to re-upload to MobileMe when I make changes to ensure they are all current on MobileMe, so I need a way to auto-sync a specific folder on my PC with MobileMe.

    (I run a leasing company so I am constantly signing new leases and updated old ones, so having everything current is vital. Which also means I'm on the road with just my iPad and MobileMe)

    What I am looking for is a way to have my folder(s) on my PC auto-sync with my MobileMe account, which in turn would allow me to have access to current files on my iPad. Does anyone know how to do this effectively?

    Right now when I make a change to any doc, I have to remember to re-upload to MobileMe, which I often forget, and then I am missing my new info...

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    I really like MobileMe but for this situation I would suggest Dropbox. It's fantastic. It auto-syncs files on all computers with the program installed and they are viewable via the Dropbox app on iPhone/iPad. It's only viewable in Dropbox, I use Goodreader app on iPad to allow me to edit any files I have in Dropbox. It's simple to connect Goodreader to dropbox.

    I don't know of any easy way to keep an updated list of files to go to MobileMe expcet everytime you finish a file throw it into a folder to upload and then manually upload. That sucks. I would just Dropbox. :p

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