help - think I have buggered my new macbook pro

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by scott7saunders, Mar 9, 2015.

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    I think I have buggered my macbook. Basically its one of the ones with the 128GB flash drive and after having it for just over 1 week I realised that the storage space was filling very quickly with stuff I probably didn't need to decided to restore it.

    After booting into the recovery mode and erasing the partition I was prompted to enter a password which I did however the erase process seems to have failed and now the hard drive is grayed out and not able to be selected, unmounted or repartitioned.

    what can i do ? have i screwed it up?

    Please help.


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    think I have sorted it - there was a post on this group which had the following instructions

    You can also open terminal type

    sudo diskutil cs list

    find the UUID at the top and type

    sudo diskutil cs delete <UUID>

    this has worked and deleted the hard drive allowed me to see it and the installation is working...

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    Oh really? I had a different mental picture. ;)

    That's a term that should be used carefully in a SFW context.

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