Help, thinking about selling mac pro and only using the 17" mbp!!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jjahshik32, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Ok, I know I already made a thread about, please help me in keeping my mac pro... but recently I sold my 15" sr mbp at a good price and bought the 17" 2.5ghz mbp! And it does feel alot faster overall and could be used as my desktop replacement/laptop..

    Now I'm starting to use the mac pro less and less but still love to sit behind a desk most of the time to do alot of work/play.

    But ever since I found this one method out, I want to sell the mac pro. The method of extracting 9gb + files, what I do is that I have an external 1tb drive fw800 (and its very fast seagate barracuda ns model) and I hook it up to the 17" mbp and drag the folder to the seagate 1tb drive, then from there I extract the file using macpar via external hdd and it extracts the file in 7 minutes! I've tested the same folder on the mac pro with the raptor 10k and it extracted it in 5 minutes..

    So now I want to sell my mac pro and is currently listed on ebay for a good price...and I keep telling myself you have a machine that does what you want it to do and does it fast still.. but everytime I look at the mac pro I'm tempted to end the list and to keep the mac pro all over again. That 8 core keeps calling out to me!!

    Also on the other side I keep thinking to myself sell it and pocket the money and use what you have and the new nehalem will be out and you wont care as much anymore. And another part of me saids who cares if nehalem is around the corner something better will be around when that comes out and your 8 core will still be a monster workstation!!... Man help!! I'm so stressed out!!
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    Rip and encode something in HandBrake on the MacBook Pro.
    Rip and encode something in HandBrake on the Mac Pro.

    See which one goes faster.

    Seriously, if you use pro apps at all, the power of the Mac Pro is utterly unmatched. In everyday tasks, you'll still see a performance increase over any* laptop.

    Do what you feel is right.

    *The limits of this term extend from the beginning of time until 2011. All laptops manufactured after this time are exempt from inclusion in this definition.
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    Sep 4, 2006
    I guess I have a problem with just 1 year later when nehalem is out or even less than that, the price on this mac pro will drop from $4k to something like $2.5k :eek:

    And the 17" mbp seems to be doing its job pretty well enough that I can keep that 4k and just continue to use the 17".. I guess that's the most logical sense. Because I think in my situation is more of want not need... but sometimes want becomes a need.. lol.

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