Help to get music back on my Mac!

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    Upgraded my 3G to an iPhone 4 today. Guy at the Apple Store said I could backup my 3G when I got home, then I could restore to my new 4 and everything would be moved over.

    Except music and videos weren't.

    Here's the deal: I live in WI normally, but for 4 months I'm in CA. In WI, all my music is stored on a network drive so whole family can access it. While I'm in CA, iTunes on my laptop *thinks* I have all this music, but of course, it's not really there because I'm not connected to the network drive.

    So, now I need to get my music off my 3G onto my laptop. How do I do that?

    I first thought all I had to do was just delete the "ghost" entries in iTunes and when I sync'd my 3G, the missing songs would be copied over to the laptop. When I tried removing a song, however, iTunes warned me that deleting a song from the iTunes library would remove it from everything that syncs to it, so I am now worried that the songs will be removed from the 3G before I have a chance to move them back to the laptop.

    Any help? Thanks!
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