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Mar 7, 2013
Hello, its a nightmare i literally destroyed few tempered glasses on my iPhone SE, every time, it gets dust underneath the tempered glass, i cleaned up the screen, i fully followed instructions but still some tiny dust that falling down on the screen
Do you have any tips?



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Apr 27, 2016
New Jersey
That's a tough one trying not to get dust particles, I'm awful at it myself. It depends on your surroundings. Some people will do it in the bathroom, they run the shower with hot water for a few minutes to create steam to cut down on the dust. There are some good tips and advice on YouTube that's what I'd recommend checking out.


Sep 11, 2014
I did not have much luck putting on film protectors in a steamed up bathroom. I think there is always too much floating towel lint in there.

Oddly enough I had the best luck in my kitchen. There is a lot of tile and hard surfaces. Not much lint from clothes floating around. I did have a problem in that my cat wanted to help. Pet dander, ugh. Some people turn on their kitchen vent hoods or exhaust fans. I decided against that. I wanted very little air movement.

It helps if you are freshly showered and hair is freshly washed. That cuts down on dander and skin flakes coming from you as you try to work. Even the most healthy and hygienic person sheds skin so being freshly washed helps.

I had remarkable luck with the Am Film screen protectors recommended elsewhere on this forum. I'll come back in a moment with a link. They were so easy to put on there wasn't time for lint to get on the screen.
[doublepost=1464052262][/doublepost]Here is the link AmFilm


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Jul 2, 2008
I usually end up installing mine in a bathroom, because it has hard surfaces (counter and floor) and a lot of light, which helps with alignment and to spot issues. A dark garage next to the sander isn't a good spot ;).

Don't peel the backing off the glass until you're ready to mount it. Even then, sometimes a stray particle will end up sticking to it; use tape (supplied, or just plain cellophane on hand) to remove it.

I usually don't even bother with the tape they bundle with the package, unless it's one of those big swatches that can cover a whole screen and tear off like a hair waxer. A big roll of Scotch tape works fine.

After cleaning the screen, and right before application, liberally dust it off with the air duster. Keep the protector a safe distance away so as not to blast dust toward it and contaminate it.

Don't press down on the glass until you're confident it's dust free. When laid down gently, it's still relatively easy to lift back up and pick off any dust with tape, or fix an alignment issue.

Really, the bottom line is a clean environment, being able to spot issues and take care of them, and a touchless aid like the duster to take care of the last stray elements.

A phone protector is relatively easy. A tablet protector with the additional surface area ups the ante, but is still doable. Same procedure.
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Nov 20, 2008
Vote for kitchen from me. Usually the least amount of dust, and most light. I make sure that I use a list remover tape on the screen, and as I apply to screen protector, I take very small, shallow breaths to not disturb any dust particles in the air. Usually get it on perfect 95% of the time. Occasional a piece of dust gets trapped underneath and I carefully lift the edges of the protector and use tape to remove it.


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Mar 7, 2013
It did not worked for me + bathroom has usually softened light


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Oct 31, 2009
  1. Change light bulbs to brighter 5k bulbs.
  2. Clean bathroom
  3. Long hot shower without vent on
  4. Clean surface of phone, prep materials.
  5. Quickly & carefully Apple protector without giving dust a change to settle.
FYI, some small bubbles may exist initially but usually dissipate.


Jan 10, 2012
I find that my office has a lot less dust then my house so I try and do it there.

This works for me. I have a lot more dust at my house because of pets (birds) - and the office probably gets cleaned a lot more :p. I do have to wipe the screen like 20+ times to get all the dust off of it with the little microfiber cloth those protectors come with.
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Jul 3, 2011
This is the first time I've had a glass screen protector. Spigen I think. They have a lifetime warranty but you have to pay $7 shipping for replacements. First one had a piece of dust right in the middle of the screen. Sent it back and paid $7 for a replacement. Second one went on without any dust.

I put a different brand on my wife's phone and didn't have any problems with that one.

I then tried putting a cheap plastic cover on my kid's iPad Mini. I was sent three protectors and they all ended up in the trash.

Long story short, next time I go to have one put on a phone I'm going to pay someone to do it. I always hated the idea of paying someone to do it but at least then I know it'll be done right and if it isn't then they're on the hook for another screen protector, not me.

If you're dead set on doing it yourself definitely check out some YouTube videos as someone else previously suggested.


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Apr 22, 2009
I usually apply mine in the kitchen or living room since they tend to have less dust floating around. I've had someone at AT&T apply the screen protector once and paid $30. That's $20 too much. Just use a piece of tape to get rid of all the dusts that got underneath the protector.


Jun 19, 2016
I live in a split level head!
I have had really good luck with glass protectors for the whole family up until the last one for my 6s plus. It came out really bad, air spots and all. It's not the size as I put one on a 5.7" android and it was perfect. Most go to the glass like a magnet and adhere perfectly, the one I put on my 6s plus not good at all. So I think the brand has a lot to do with it.


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Sep 2, 2010
New Hampshire
I use the steamy bathroom. Then I wipe the screen with Invisible Glass and a paper towel. For some reason the microfiber cloths seem to leave lint when I use them. Then I take a lint roller and roll over the screen right before I take the back off the protector. If I do happen to get any specks of dust underneath, I use my fingernail to lift up the edge and use scotch tape to pull off the dust. I can usually do this a few times if needed to get all the dust off. It takes patience but keep at it until you are satisfied.
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