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    I have this setup at home that was working for a while but the Airport Extreme showed an amber blinking light and all of a sudden I can't recall how I got AE to work the last time. I need help getting AE to work. This is my setup:

    1. An optimal modem to a 2Wire router. The 2Wire router broadcasts a wireless network - call it "wifiA". Connecting to "wifiA" directly, I have no problems accessing the internet with my computer or iPad.

    2. From the 2Wire router I have an ethernet cable link to the Airport Extreme (maybe 2nd gen?). The AE is to broadcast another wireless network - call it "wifiB". I somehow got AE to now show a green light but connecting to AE directly, my devices cannot access the internet.

    Appreciate any help anyone can provide to get AE to work properly so that I can access the internet while connecting to AE's "wifiB". Thanks in advance.
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    Set up the AEBS in "access point" mode. If the AEBS thinks it is a router, it will try to give out ip addresses. If it thinks it is an access point, it will simply pass traffic through to your 2-wire router which will give out ip addresses. To do this, make sure you set up the "router" feature of the AEBS as "off-bridge mode".

  3. Lukeksk, Mar 28, 2014
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    I have already set the Router Mode to to (Bridge Mode) in the first place - AE is showing green under the Airport Utility map but the Internet is still amber (connection: Disconnected, router address:, DNS servers:

    Maybe I got my other settings wrong? My Internet settings in AE are:

    Connect using: Static
    IPv4 address:
    Subnet mask:
    Router address:
    DNS Servers:

    Thanks for all help in advance.

    UPDATE: I got it to work as you suggested. I did not realized my Powerline Adaptor was giving problems and the network to the Airport Extreme was down. After I got it refreshed, AE was working beautifully. Thanks a million.

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