Help Transferring iTunes Library from SLOW Drive!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by coday182, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Jul 26, 2006
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    About six months ago I ran into the problem a lot of people face with a macbook, where my itunes library was taking up an unreasonable portion of my internal hard drive. I took the easy way out, and just got a 500gb usb seagate portable. Now being that I'm a dj, and I'm always producing tracks and remixes on the go I needed to have my music with me all the time so I velcroed the drive to the back of my mac and basically always left it on and treated it like a second partition.

    That was a bad idea. Less than a year later, the drive is on it's last leg. I have a stationary FW 1.5 ext hd that I'm going to move the contents over to, but that's where I;m running into trouble. The damaged USB hd is sllooowwww. What I really need is a way to move large amounts of data (50-90gb) to the other drive. So for starters, I just want to get my itunes library (~90gb) and my Ableton library (~50gb) off the drive, but every time I try to move one of them it either.... 1.) fails because the faulty HD won't stay mounted long enough 2.) fails because the HD gets overloaded or 3.) Freezes everything else in osx up.

    Is there hope for me? Advice? Please:eek::eek:
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    If the drive won't stay mounted, it's pretty hard to get a copy to complete. All I can suggest is to copy a bit at a time, so when copying your iTunes library go one artist at a time, or drag a few over simultaneously. Don't try to run multiple copy operations at once.

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