Help transferring 'just' Office to new iMac please

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Villain101, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Sep 20, 2013
    I was hoping to get some advice please

    I am going to be ordering a Haswell iMac next week. I plan to use Setup Assistant to move my documents, videos, pictures and music across. I would like to avoid importing applications as I don't want apps that will clutter my nice fresh system coming across from my old iMac (For one thing I rather stupidly downloaded a trial of Virus Barrier 6 a few years ago. It really slowed my system down and even when uninstalled the system never seemed as responsive as before, so I don't want to risk importing any left over rubbish from that mistake!)

    My puzzle lies in the fact that I believe the choice when using Setup Assistant is to 'import ALL applications' or none. However I would like to move Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 across as I don't want to repurchase it.

    Is there a reliable way just to move one piece of software across? I have the original Office disks but they're not much good to be on a new iMac!

    I have the product key for the software (actually there are three product keys in the box).

    I will likely buy Office for Mac 2014 when it is released in April but will need office before then for when I'm working from home.

    Any advice gratefully received
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    Probably the easiest way to do what you want is to spend $20 or so, buy a USB DVD/CD drive, and install from the original MS disc...
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    OP>> This won't work. Even if you manage to find and move all the files that are part of a MS Office install, Office is going to see it is on a new machine and require reentry of the serial numbers. You will need to reinstall somehow from the original media and reenter the serial numbers.
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    Don't worry

    Your hard drive will be bigger than you will probably need and it won't hurt anything at all. Out of 500 GB I have only filed less than 150 GB in two years.
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    Actually I like the idea of not copying applications over. After a lot of application updates/upgrades there's junk left lying around. It just makes for a cleaner system and a smaller backup to deal with.

    On your current Mac, make ISO images of the Office installation discs. This image files will then be copied across as part of the user files. In DIsk utility for each disc in the set:
    From the list of devices and volumes on the left, select the volume you want to make an image of.
    1. From the File Menu, select: New disk Image from "VOLUMENAME"
    2. It's usually good to keep the filename the default. As for where to put it, the Downloads folder or Documents folder could be good choices.
    3. Make sure you set the Image Format to be DVD/CD Master.
    4. Then of course hit save.

    And on the new Mac, just mount all the disk images and then start the install. After you've installed Offiece of course eject the disk images. I'd recommend keeping the disk images in case you need something from one of them or have ti install Office again for some reason.

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    Thank you all, these replies are really helpful :)
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