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    Hi !

    Sorry this is long, but I have a feeling that people who will have 2 laptops will have the same problem or have solved this problem !!:eek:

    Struggling to understand two things, given I have two machines to keep synced, one uMBP 17" and an MBA Rev B. Since I have got the MBA, things have become complicated for me ::confused:

    1. Mail - I would like to have the same mail on both machines so that I am never at loss, how could I do this ? I have mobile me .mac account which I was downloading to my uMBP (using riles to move message to on my mac folders). I am thinking that all 'on my mac folders' can be shifted to .mac server by drag and drop. Then I download a "copy - in rules" to the uMBP and MBA (on my mac folders) in the future but all my mail still resides on the server so that even my Iphone can see all mails. How do I do that ? Plus if I want to delete stuff from my Server how can I delete it without deleting it from my uMBP and MBA ? or delete some on uMBP and not effect server or MBA ? and vice versa !!

    2. Mobile me - I have iDisk and I want to copy all the work in progress there so that I can access them on either laptop and if possible send it as an attachment from my iphone. In system preferences>Mobile me>iDisk - There is an option of keeping the latest version of the file. Now If I work on the uMBP I trust that the iDisk will be updated to show the latest version. Then if I log in through MBA as I am traveling it will download the/update my MBA file to the latest version (I would like to keep physical files on both laptops to ensure if I don't have access to internet, I have the "last latest" documents/files to work with.) and now when I update the file on MBA I presume it will update iDisk and when I log in through uMBP it will update there. Are there any expected complications ? How could I keep versions - i.e I have the file which gets worked in uMBP and then iDisk updates itself and then MBA updates itself with each stage keeping the last worked version intact - i.e if I make too many changes, and the client says get back the last file and reuse some stuff, wouldn't I have overwritten through the MBA to iDisk to uMBP ? and now I might not have access to a last version ? The only solution is that I keep on renaming the file with version numbers but I have a feeling that an "online" iDisk could be a problem, the moment I log in and start working on either laptop iDisk connects and starts updating , how could this interfere with keeping versions ?

    Sorry guys/girls if this is long... but I could really use the help... :eek:

    I could solve the documents problem (item 2) by carrying a pen drive but loss of data, if pen drive is lost, is too much of a risk ! :eek:

    Thanks for the patience to go through this and offering advise. :)

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    The best option for keeping files synced is DropBox, and it's free. Watch the video on it explains it very well.

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