Help uninstalling programs


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May 8, 2006
I know when you're installing applications on Mac, you just the icon into the hd (like the application folder) such as installing firefox, etc.

But to uninstall, is it simple as that? I heard of preference folder, library folder with application support, but does others know a good/proper way to uninstall programs?

Thanks in advance.


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Sep 24, 2002
It's basically the same. Just drag the application to the trash. Yes there maybe a preference file behind, but that should not be a concern. The file is so small and will not effect your computer at all. If you choose to reinstall the same program, your preferences will be remembered.

Even on Windows when you go to Add/Remove Programs there are files left behind. The bad thing is most of these files are left in the directory!

IJ Reilly

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Jul 16, 2002
Rule of thumb: If the application required an installer (and typing in your administrator's password) to install, then check to see if it has a de-installer because it probably placed files in the System which you will no longer want. If it installed with a drag and drop, then it can be dragged to the Trash to remove.