help using PS3 to access itunes content on a mini


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Mar 12, 2007
Hello all,

I recently set up a mac mini as my media server and love it. my ATV can access anything anytime.

I have read up on trying to get my ps3 to be able to access my itunes content from my mini and gave it a shot.

I tried medialink and probably 2/3 of my movies are unable to play

i tried ps3 media server and cant access my itunes content (the itunes library is on an external)

Is there any other software options i am missing?


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Oct 15, 2008
Share specific folders with PS3 Media Server

I haven't ever used an external, but I believe the problem you can't see your itunes using PS3 Media Server is because of the limit of folder depth that the PS3 is limited to.

What you can try, is in the PS3MS app, there is a tab where you can say which folders to share to the PS3. Create one that is just your basic User folder, since the "All Folders" will be removed once you add a specific folder. Then you should be able to tell it to also share your external drive.
This should allow you to access your iTunes files, but I am not at my computer right now to I can't try it out. It's worth a try at least.
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