Help! Verizon iPhone 6+ screen doesn't turn on

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Am3r1ca16, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Ok so i bought this Verizon iPhone 6+ on eBay back on eBay back in October. so its been almost 3 months with this iPhone. i know this doesn't have to do with the seller since its been over 2 months since i bought it from him.

    Anyways, 10 minutes ago i was listening to music on my iPhone and out of no where i see my iPhone screen have these vertical black and white lines cover the screen and after a few seconds it just turned of my iPhone completely. The battery was at 90%. i tried to turn it back on and it didn't turn on. So i connected my iPhone to my computer and it doesn't turn on either. The only thing my iPhone 6+ does when connected is vibrate every 20 seconds once.

    Since i don't have a verizon account or even use verizon can i bring my verizon iPhone to the apple store and have them replace it? or do i have to go to a verizon store to get it replace? keep in mind I'm using the verizon iPhone on T-Mobile.
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    Go to the Apple Store. It should still have a basic warranty. That covers the device, regardless of service. However, I'm not sure if you'll need to provide proof of purchase? I've never bought a used iPhone.

    Either way, I'd call or visit your local Apple Store. If you call, you'll likely be able to have an appointment set. You won't be waiting around for hours or turned away. Plus you'll know what you need to bring, if anything.

    Good luck!

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