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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by gkarris, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Sorry, if this has been discussed elsewhere - but with the release of the new MacBooks... :eek:

    How does one now edit using a camcorder WITHOUT firewire?

    When I got my Mini a couple years ago, I also got a smoking deal on a Sony MiniDVD recorder ($280 closeout). I tried just hooking it up, but of couse it didn't work through USB at the time. It did come up as an external DVDRW drive and I saw the DVD (after finalizing it) in the drive. I had to:

    1. Finalize DVD and hook it up USB (cannot use MiniDVD in Apple Slot Drive :mad:)
    2. Use Handbreak to rip the video and prep it for iMovie.
    3. Edit in iMovie.

    Is there a quicker way right now? Just got a MacBook with iLife '08, I guess I can try hooking up my Sony DVD Camcorder to see if I can port directly into my Mac.

    For church projects have always used Firewire and DV. I have an old DV Camcorder that I use to transfer tapes made on other camcorders. I prefer iMovie 6.
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    This is a very good point that you bring up. I wouldn't know how you would do this unless there is some sort of adapter that goes from FireWire to USB or the camera that you have supports video transfer over USB. Most camcorders do not support this.

    I didn't think of this issue when the new MacBooks were released. This, of course, is not an issue with the MacBook pro since it has a FireWire 800 port which can easily be converted to a 400 port with a very basic adapter.

    Anyone know how to get around this issue?
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    Dec 31, 2004
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    Here's the deal.

    I hooked up my MiniDVD Camcorder to my MacBook. Nothing happend. What you have to do first is Finalize the DVD in use.

    1. iMovie HD 6 - Nothing happens. When you try to import from the DVD, says files are not recognizable.
    2. FCE - Same, files are not recognizable when trying to import.
    3. iMovie '08 - hitting the "camcorder" button, it sees the DVD camcorder, and tells you the videos on the DVD, then asks to import them.

    iMovie kinda stinks though compared to the previous version.

    So, looks like to me that all Apple is doing is separating the Consumer from the Pros:

    MacBooks, consumer - use USB input devices
    MacBook Pros, prosumer/professional - use FW input devices

    I see the same fate to the Mini now as well. They may keep FW in the iMac as it is a more expensive desktop.
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    Mar 1, 2008
    consumers can edit on usb. but it is not recommended. get an imac or pro machine for the good stuff.

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