Help w/ inexpensive backup solution for a MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Robg54, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Jan 27, 2008
    I am in law school and I have lots of school related stuff that I would really hate to loose. I also take tons of pictures that I would also hate to loose.

    And I have been handbraking tons of DVD's in anticipation of someday getting an appletv.

    The problem is that I need

    a: Additional storage.
    b: Reliable backup.

    I purchased a maxtor 1 touch a couple years ago for extra storage, but it really won't cut it anymore.

    I was thinking about getting a larger 500gb'ish external drive.
    However, I prefer not to keep a lot of the stuff on my laptop (I have like 100 GB of dvds so far, and quite a few more to transfer) , so that means that for dvd's and certain stuff, the external would be the only copy. Based on the failure rate among such hard drives, that really isn't ok with me.

    My planned solution is an external HD enclosure that can hold 2 disks. These would allow me to save redundant copies of my stuff and not worry about it unless both drives fail at the same time, which I can live with.

    The problem is this:

    Price is an ISSUE. As I said, I'm in law school. Roundabouts $200 is realistically about the max I could spend.

    So, my question is this:

    Can it be done in this price range? If I need to skimp, where should I skimp?

    I was looking at external enclosures like this:

    And maybe a couple of inexpensive hard drives. Maybe getting used HD from ebay and a better enclosue?

    I like the idea that when the money becomes more plentiful I could upgrade the Hard drives within my enclosure and eventually make it a very respectable size!

    Also, anyone have any thoughts on Esata vs firewire 400/800 vs USB2? I don't really cre about speed much. I am not gonna backup every day. What I need is size and redundancy:)

    Thanks a ton for any help you may be able to offer.
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