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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by stickymango, Dec 20, 2007.

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    Dec 20, 2007
    I'm hoping someone on here can solve this mystery. There are three computer games that I played when I was a kid and I can't remember their names - it's been haunting me since. I did some google searching with archives of old games but couldn't find them. First I'll give you some background on the computer I was using:

    Date: Played around 1996
    Computer: Memories a bit rusty but it could've been one of these (not limited to, just to give an idea):
    2. (with a separate monitor)

    The computer:
    Used floppy disks
    Ran on OS: Screen looked like this
    Had the ClarisWorks program
    Had a game built in that you could swat flies, and jewelbox.

    Remember playing these games on it:
    Treasure Mountain series
    Reader Rabbit series
    Sammy's Science House
    Sim City (not sure if 2000 or not)
    F/A-18 Hornet
    The 7th Guest
    Kings Quest VII

    Onto the games:
    1. I had two games of the series (like Treasure Mountain and Treasure Mathstorm). One had a snow theme (animals were seals, whales..., the "monk" had a fur coat) and one had a jungle theme (animals were rhinos, hippos...the "monk" wore tribal oufits). If I can remember, the goal of the games were to journey down (or up?) the river with levels in the middle. In both, on each level you got out of your canoe, went on land and you used the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your guy (if it was icy, you slid in the direction) You had a birds-eye view of the area. You had to avoid animals that moved in set directions (like up/down, left/right) and collect letter tiles. Once you obtained all the letters you meet up with a bald "monk?" and solve something on a post. Then you go back in the boat and travel to the next destination (I never finished it)

    2. Art programs for kids. There was a purple guy with a Picasso-esque face (actually, the whole game looked Picasso-ey) with eyes like fish and you could make cards to printout and whatnot. You could also have some fun by going out the building and clicking the windows to see that guy run around. Not KidPix.

    3. OK I got these games in the mail (with my childlike perception and mentality I couldn't tell who sent them to me) but this time I think they were on CDs (by this time we could've had a tower with a slot to put CDs in). Again, 2 different versions from the same series. I'm pretty sure the boy's name was Peter (he had black hair, kind of pointed out in the front, maybe a red t-shirt) and he traveled to different places. He was a cartoonish character (as opposed to realistic or pixelated) and some of the images looked like actual photos/images of things that were pasted in. In one of the games, two of the places you traveled to were space and the ocean. I distinctly remember a mini-game involving clicking the undersea creatues in a certain order (possibly order of the food chain) and seeing these creepy things: (When you put your mouse over a fish it's mouth would open) Most of the images were 2-D, cartoony like the character. I also remember loud, unpleasant noises if you clicked on certain things. I think once you got to an area, you had to click on things or do some mini games and once you've finished you could go to the next area (as opposed to a menu option and going back to a level).

    Thank you in advance for reading all this and I hope that someone will be able to remember something!
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    Oct 14, 2007
    I'm pretty sure that the second one is Kid Pix. The latest version is Kid Pix Deluxe 3X

    woops, just read the "Not KidPix" part.

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