HELP! Why do I Suddenly HAve all these "ShareD" Computers??

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by VideoNewbie, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. VideoNewbie macrumors 6502

    Feb 6, 2009
    what are these "shared" computers ? are they other computers spying on my personal files? (is that even possible?)


    how can i remove these shared computrs and make sure that they dont latch on to my computer again

    i changed my airport password but theyre still there

    how the heck did this happen?

    im confused!
  2. wellandbusiness macrumors newbie

    Mar 29, 2010
    Peterborough (UK)
    They're other computers connected to the same network as your own.

    They could be either physical machines, or virtual machines running. So for example, if somebody else in your house is running Virtual XP on top of Windows 7 etc, then this will appear in the shared computer listing.

    Provided you have password set on your Mac and file sharing restricted, then you shouldn't have a problem.

  3. jsgrabo macrumors regular

    Feb 12, 2007
    I live on campus at school and as such, while I am connected to the campus network, quite a few computers show up under "Shared" in the sidebar. As long as you have a decent password, you will be fine. If you want to hide those shared computers, simply go to the finder and open a new window. Right click anywhere in the sidebar, then click "Open Sidebar Preferences". From there, uncheck the boxes under "SHARED".
  4. finnschi macrumors 6502

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hamburg, Germany
    Those are pc's connected to the same network, are you running a VPN connection to Work? Do you live on Campus, are you using the schools network?

    The best way to protect yourself against any intruders:

    1.Make sure you are using WPA2 encryption for your wifi, although that won't help you against intruders from INSIDE the school network, think of your airport router as a extension for the schools internal wired network

    2. Enable the firewall, system preferences---->Security----->Firewall---->(if the option start firewall is greyed out, click on the lock in the lower left corner, and enter your Password) Click on start Firewall, then on Advanced. there you can set the level of protection, if you can enable "block all incomming connections" , but this will also stop bittorrent from working!
    also enable stealth mode

    3. make sure you HAVE a password set on all your user accounts on your mac!

    4. system---settings--sharing, make sure nothing is selected , if you don't want to share any files or basically anything with your "friends" on the network

    5. if you want to feel 100% secure, use hotspot shield ( its a free VPN to some server in the US (better would be your OWN VPN at home,...) I use it everytime i am on a Wifi hotspot at starbucks

    I hope I was able to help you

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