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Dec 16, 2013
I have an older iMac (2007) which I just got repaired. I also have a 160 GB iPod Classic which now won't work with my iMac. It says I need at least iTunes 10.7 but I can only run iTunes 10.6 with my current OS. Is there a way to "downgrade" my iPod so it will work with iTunes 10.6? Or is my only option trying to upgrade my RAM so I can run Snow Leopard and iTunes 10.7? I really can't afford to buy a new Mac right now or in the near future but would sure love to be able to use my iPod again.



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Jan 9, 2011
You need a copy of windows xp/7/8 which ever you prefer and install it via the Bootcamp Assitant app you have in OS X.

you can find much more info with google.
I am typing this from my Kindle Paperwhite lololol.
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