Help with 3g, after downgrading to 4.1

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    Dec 23, 2012

    I'm sorry if I don't get all of the terminology correct, but I'll try and explain my issue.

    We have an iPhone 3g. It was jailbroken and unlocked, sometime, and has the iPad baseband of 6.15.00. What we WANTED to do was "un-jailbreak" it, as it is now factory unlocked. We connected to itunes, backed it up, and then attempted a Restore. What we ended up with was an error 1015. We then used a saved SHSH of 4.1, and using Tinyumbrella, was able to recover the phone.

    Now the problem is, we can't restore from previous backup, because the software version is too old. How do I resolve this? I have searched the forums, but can't find just the right terms to search and find my answer. If you could help, I would be so grateful! I have contacts, text messages, calendars, etc. that I need to see again. Thank you!
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    Downgrade from 6.15.00 by following a tutorial like -

    That should fix everything. Then update to 4.2.1 and restore from backup.

  3. nineandcounting thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 23, 2012
    Success. At least some...

    Thank you so much! That did downgrade the baseband, and I was able to update in iTunes. However, now the backup from yesterday doesn't show up as an option for "Restore from Backup" Would you know how I can find it, retrieve it, etc.? Thanks again!!

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