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May 21, 2013
I have:

2 x 250GB Toshiba HDD (from old Macbooks, identical) (2.5" but can convert to 3.5" of course)
1 x WD external USB 2.0 250GB HDD

I would like all the above available on a home NAS (with web access), with the two internal drives RAID 1'ed for data backup, and the external HDD used for Time Machine backup for my Macbook. I'd also connect to the RAIDed drives with Windows and Androis OSs if that makes any difference...

Can anyone advise on a suitable product? I've been looking at the D-link 320L, but the USB attached storage is FAT32 format only (NTFS is read-only) which wouldn't work with my Time Machine backup to the WD external USB HDD... or am I wrong and there's a way to do it?

Thanks for any help in advance


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Apr 23, 2009
The Highlands, Scotland
If you're interested in DIY, and have an old (Windows) PC lying around, investigate:


I have such a box, on my home network of Macs and PCs. Works very well. I use it for Time Machine, networked SuperDuper backups, EyeTV and Logitech/Squeezebox media stores, Windows networked backups, and, of course, a cross-platform home file server too.

It runs:
- SMB for Windows or Macs
- AFP for Macs only (which is faster than SMB),
- SSH/SFTP for secure remote FTP access, and much more too...

With a Gigabit wired Ethernet network, I get over 80 MB/s (~640 Mb/s) read/write speeds too on AFP.

It's not really an off-the-shelf solution, if that's what you're after, but it's great fun and a learning experience.
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Apr 12, 2007

I bought a Synology NAS a few years back.... loaded it with 2x2T and use if for a central fileserver, webserver, media server (stream music/video) as well as TimeMachine for each of the computers on my LAN..

Easy to set up... works perfectly.


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May 21, 2013
250gb? That doesnt seem like alot of space, epecially for a Nas.

It's what I've got lying around (1 spare and 1 currently in my Mac), and it would mean I can buy a cheaper SSD for my Mac rather than keeping everything backed up on there.

I've seen the old Windows PC idea several places, but I'm after a low energy, low-space solution which is why I was looking at NAS enclosures. The 320L which I quoted in my OP has what I need, but not supporting the right formats - does anyone have advice on an alternative that would work as I want it?

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