Help with a quick iPhone video for work?


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Oct 28, 2006
Alice, TX
We’re trying to communicate some stuff at work and thought making a video and uploading to YouTube or something would be easiest. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this, though.

I took the video on my iPhone8, thinking that would be the best quality. It’s at 4K60fps. Now I want to edit it a bit. Mostly, it’s a 3 minute video and I wasn’t as stable as I’d like. It’s really just some rotation type movement throughout the video. Is there a way to fix this? Is it worth the trouble?

On my mini, with iMovie, I have a stabilization option but I can’t find this on iPhone. If I edit this on my 2011 mini will it downgrade the movie to 1080?

I’ve tried searching online but it’s getting late and all I’m finding are ads for apps. Maybe I’m searching wrong. And maybe I’m putting too much thought into all this.


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Apr 23, 2010
How hard would it be to shoot it again? This may be easier than trying to correct the footage in post. Pay attention to audio, too.
Does it need to be final in 4K? One of the great things about 4K is the the possibilities it offers in post when going to HD. Zooms, pans, pretty great stabilization. Stabilization takes a lot hardware resources and for 3 minutes on a mini could take a long time to finish.
But, off the top of my head it may be a challenge to do something in 4K on a 2011 mini. I think 4K footage is HEVC, and that may not work. But you'll know when you try.