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    So my iphone and mba all have icloud and are fine.....when I got the mba I migrated the address book over..then the iphone has been using icolud to get the contacts.... so everything is fine with those 2..

    My imac wasn't part of this circle until now...I have just upgraded to ML so am now using icloud on this machine also..

    So I have 2 lists....which is not what do I do?

    I assume that if I want to have the same contacts on the mba and phone then I need to make changes to the ones in icloud....if so what is the point of having these 2 lists? Should I delete the 'on mac one' one?

    Thanks in advance

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    You are right on target. Assuming the iCloud section is complete with all your addresses, just delete all the On my Mac ones and use only the iCloud section. All the iCloud ones will sync to your other devices.

    If you are unsure you have saved everything to iCloud, you might want to export the On my Mac ones before you delete them all. Just select each On my Mac section then go to Contacts File menu, then export, then Export vCard. Do this for each On my Mac section and save the files somewhere for a bit until you are sure you don't need them.

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