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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by King Mook Mook, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Hi All

    I am the proud owner of a new AirPort Extreme and have set up the internet and etc. I plugged in my Konica Minolta mc2500W to my USB hub connected to the AirPort Extreme and turned it on. I am in Windows so used Bonjour to set it up. Bonjour sees the printer so I click next with my Printer highlighted. But then it all started to go downhill. Firstly it does not have the driver but as I do not have the CD anymore I download it off the Konica Minolta website and extract to my desktop. I then click the Have CD button and then pops up the select the .inf file. I comply and click Open. I click next after highlighting my Printer and it then says I am finished so I click finish and after around 10 seconds it closes with the Printer in the Printers folder. So I try to print a Word Doc and select my Printer and it says it has printed (as in it is not in the Konica Minolta Print Queue) but after 30 minutes it still has not printed. I have tried to reboot the Printer and my Computer, unitstall the Printer and try again but still it does not work!

    Please try and help me fix this problem! I am using Vista if that helps anyone.

    Thanks for the help in advance
    King Mook Mook
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    Come on, does anyone know how to fix the problem???
  3. John Jordan macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2008

    I bought an Extreme so my PC and Mac could share an internet connection, a printer and for wireless.

    The internet connection works fine for both. The printer only worked with the Mac. After trying every suggestion I could find on the internet and following Apple's instructions many times, I called Apple Care (800.275.2273). They suggested contacting HP. As the printer was out of warranty, HP rerquired a fee for help. I chose their on-line documents again, no help. I wound up using the same printer set up as BE (before extreme), the usb to the Mac and the bi directional to the PC, all prints fine again. Not all printers will work with this setup!

    When I get a chance, I going to try to get by portable HD to work with the extreme. Until then, a pretty expensive router hub.

    Good luck,


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