Help with another DVD Burner problem? Pretty Weird...

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by SuperGreenSol, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Oct 24, 2005
    Ok, so here's the story...I have a rev A aluminum 15''pb, 1.25ghz, 1gig ram, running osx 10.2.8....I'm burning some DVDs from a Graphic Design show my class put on and have been having problems primarily with Toast 6. The media I'm using is Maxell 8x printable, I know according to the apple website using anything higher than a 1x or 2x disc can cause problems, but initially, I wasn't having any at all...Movies were burning fine, through toast. I went to finish up a couple today and all of a sudden, Toast starts giving me media errors and an error that the connection is unstable? Like, this was literally working yesterday, and now today, nothing...Several restarts havent solved the problem, everything is updated...also, OSX recognized the blank DVDs and I was able to burn them through the OS burning program fine even after Toast started having fits. Anyone have any suggestions? Toss the media and just go get new stuff? (which seriously sucks since its a spindle of 100...and I burned 10 of them without any issue...) Reinstall Toast? Does anyone know of a way to burn the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders from OSX in a manner capable of being read by a dvd player? Thanks for the Help!

    edit: PS, Does anyone know if I need some kind of firmware upgrade for my burner maybe? I was looking around for one but haven't found something authorized by Apple...I was just looking at Taiyo-Yuden media, printables at 8x, and it says they may damage burners not designed for them?!? What gives?
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    Check in your system profiler if your Superdrive is a UJ-815 or UJ-816 drive. If so it's an early version DVD drive, and wasn't designed to burn 8x media. If this is the case burning 8x media could damage the drive and make it unusable.

    Also depending on how much you use a burner and it's age, the laser can wear out, get misaligned etc, and stop working reliably.

    Either way, your superdrive may need to be replaced. Best check with your Apple dealer.

    You may get some joy with different, quality brand, 2x or 4x media ( Eg Apple, Sony or Verbatim media), and/or using lower burn speed settings.

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