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    Oct 6, 2013
    I hope this is okay on the forum, that I make a new thread of the same topic, simply because the other one was totally misunderstood and archieved. Otherways, please let me know.

    I made this thread before (and thats still the actual thing I need help with)
    App Store tabs are grayed out:

    aarond12 obviously thought I was being serious when I referred to myself as a "h4xx0r", which I of course was not. I don't blame him and I think we're fine with that. Yesterday when I wrote that I was really tired, and posted it in the completely wrong part of the forum (Mac Hardware > Macbook Pro...) and then asked mods to delete that and reposted it in this part. It was then archieved for double posting which was totally my fault.

    So if anyone could help me with this I would be really greatful. And also, please don't missunderstand me. :)

    Oh! And another important thing that aarond12 missunderstood was the part where he said "Hacking your school's computer for this purpose doesn't belong on this site" and I just want to make clear that I am not hacking them for a bad purpose, her teachers / the computer managers at her school messed it up and were gonna fix everything themselves. Problem was it is weeks till then. And she can't work without Pages and Keynote etc, thats why we (read I) had to do this myself. So the purpose for "hacking" her schools computer is simply because she needed to work on it asap, and I know enough about computers to help her, so why wouldnt I. :)
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    The reason that you shouldn't is that it is probably against school policy and could get her fired for circumventing policies put in place by the account administrators. Even though you might not have added anything they wouldn't do when they correct the account, policy was probably violated. She agreed to their policies when she signed to control the hardware and you may have unknowingly violated her agreement. I know my wife doesn't really read the policies or know the full depth of their coverage. Teaching is her thing and not IT security and policies. When/ if the administrators get around to correcting the issue, if they see unauthorized changes she could be liable for your actions as well as the fact that she could open this device in ways that may cause issues on their systems (you don't know how their systems are moderated or controlled and for what reasons).

    I am in IT support engineer and do this for a living and realize (as does my wife) if I am to make changes to her school issued devices that she could be fired or have her priveledges to use them revoked due to changes I might make. This is the exact reason that you should not make them and why my wife doesn't ask. Intent is not the only thing they look at when policies are violated. Please don't misunderstand me, but violations are violations. I can do this for my clients on their systems to get things working correctly for them, but I know it is both illegal and immoral to make these changes without the knowledge and consent of their IT administrators and opens myself, my company, and the individual clients to liability of policy violations and possible security violations that could compromise the client's company so I don't do such things without approval.

    My wife does not have full access to her iPad and Apple ID and I could correct this issue (as her administration is supposed to do this but is also strapped for time). She is limited in what she can do accordingly and thus uses it as a valid reason to get her repairs expedited.

    The best thing for you to do would be to get her an alternative method of accomplishing her work in the interim (such as setting up and account on your computer or getting her own so she can be productive again.). This is the correct way to handle things and did what I have done for years for my wife. This is why she uses her Mac for school and makes the others jealous when she has the necessary tools they don't, but they could do the same (and her systems stay off the schools systems until they approve of their use and add it themselves, most never do because of policy)

    If you are so bent on doing this, then I would suggest getting approval from the person in charge of these changes with an offer to assist then and save them work by performing the changes yourself. Do note that even though you think they will never know, they generally work off of a work order system and a case exists to fix an issue and are based on priority and immediate need that they have assigned at case assignment, and you already have repaired one of these issues so they will already know. How they report and handle this violation is now up to them. You may have just got your girlfriend in trouble with not only her school but the district. I hope all gets glossed over for her, but she could lose her job over this as well. This is why it was stated it doesn't belong on this site, as it is not out determinations to decide when policy violations are justified. The information on how to do this could cause huge security issues within corporations if it gets out. I hope you don't misunderstand my attempt to inform you of the reasons what you are asking is not a good idea and how the ramifications could be bad for violators.

    I am not trying to be all gloom and doom but with knowledge comes great responsibility on usage and non-usage alike. Just because one can the question then becomes should we and at what cost to the greater good. If everyone made your changes because they knew how and could do it then what good are policies and how secure is the system in the end after everyone makes these changes??
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    Wish I knew more about how to do that to help you. It doesn't seem like you're trying to do anything bad, and maybe you're not supposed to do it but there are a bunch of things people aren't supposed to do but do. Like being on this site during work hours or speeding on the roadways. Hope you figure it out.
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    Your examples are not the same though. For your examples to be comparable, you would have to be wanting to be able to speed by asking how to override the speed governor installed by your employer on their supplied company vehicle, or to ask how to override/ change/ or circumvent the firewall or net nanny put I n place by your employer. He is not asking about something that is just a choice to follow the guidelines or not, but rather how to defeat securities and policies put into place by the hardware owners. Not the same thing as solely a decision on the OP's part.
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    Thanks for the very long message, I get the point.
    In the worst case I could always just unadmin her account, now that she has everything she needs, I guess. I also read through the paper she signed and it's basically saying that hardware modifications are against the rules. It also sais that "by using <the computer> for porn-surfing you have violated the terms of use and the computer will be withdrawn" (pure translation from swedish, if something sounds weird). Didn't say anything about softmodding tho, except for installing another operating system on it.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Thank you, that's kinda what I though too. :)

    And also I did figure it out! Or actually, she figured it out. I was really impressed.
    She did some commands in the terminal, will update this post and list them when I get some free time! :)

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