Help with apple airport / music to patio please!

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    Hi guys, so I have an apple airport express. My goal is to just simply play music on my patio using my phone. I have ran a 100 foot chunk of headphone cable from the express near my patio, to the back of my stereo receiver. I'm not sure how I configured this thing, but it works perfectly for music right now, but I seem to have created a separate network for this thing? My wifi that I have been using is set up to be called Mcvfd12. It somehow created a network called Mole's Wi-fi network. It will only play music from this new mole's wifi network, but I have no wifi when my phone is connected to it when I try to load Facebook or a webpage or anything. No idea what I did.

    I did no use ethernet cable to set anything up, just opened everything from my phone.

    Can I somehow add the airport to my existing wifi signal and not use an ethernet cable and be able to use my airplay?

    First go at it, I had it set up to where I could use airplay, but the signal was super weak. I set it up again and it seems to be extending the signal thru my other wifi base or extender somehow because the signal is super strong all over the house and patio.

    I know this all sounds confusing and i'm probably missing things, I need some help. Thanks in advance!!
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    you need to modify the wifi configuration of the Express :

    Using Airport utility, in the "Wireless" tab, chose "Extend a wireless network" instead of "Create a wireless network".
    Connect the Express to the "Mcvfd12" network.

    Thus, your iPhone will be able to both access the Internet AND send music to your stereo.

    Note that you could create a better setup by running an Ethernet cable between your main router and the Express, and using the Express to "Create a wireless network" with the same name "Mcvfd12", same security and same password than your main router.
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    Yes. Open AirPort Utility and select "Join a Network" and enter the correct network information. Do not use "Extend a Wireless Network" as stated previously.

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