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Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Enjoylife1788, Dec 7, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    So today, i turned on the apple icloud music feature on my windows itunes. The reason i wanted to was that i wanted to save few songs from the apple music too and it wont let me until you turn icloud music on.

    So, in short the moment i turned on the icloud music, it scanned through my library and then uploaded a few songs. around 15-20 of them and then matched a few.

    However, biggest issue is that few hundred songs have "Waiting" and "Removed" as dual entries in each of those songs. If i upload them individually then it does and goes onto matched or uploaded. This is problem number 1 I am having.

    Second problem is that, I have around 500 songs which are already there on my PC and iTunes just showed a "Apple Music" as the status. The problem with that is I already have those songs on my computer and I dont want the DRM Protected songs that its allowing me to download. Because once i turn off apple music, all my music is gone.

    So how do i resolve this issue. Any help would be appreciated.


    Dhrumil Parekh
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    Aug 22, 2011
    So I After I selected all the songs under the category "Waiting" and Download songs, its all sorted. Most of the songs are matched and few of them are apple music with my copy already there. So far so good.

    However, another issue is that i used to sync all songs with my iPhone and now it does not let me do that. It says apple icloud music enabled. Now i have re-downloaded all the matched songs from apple music for better quality. However, it would not transfer the new files onto the phone. How do i do that?
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    Apple Music is a streaming service. The whole point is to free you from syncing and maintaining a local music library. So you play the music on your phone using the Apple Music app, your whole library is there to stream or download as you like.

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