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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by cupcakes2000, Oct 5, 2013.

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    Apr 13, 2010
    I made a website in photoshop. (I know I shouldn't have, but I know photoshop, and it seemed so easy to do for what I wanted).

    Thing is it's massive. I don't really know anything other than the very basics of HTML or CSS. I just designed it presuming it would work they way I wanted.

    I would like the thing to just automatically fit whichever browser is displaying it.

    I used to dabble a bit in Flash site building, and I want something similar to the 100% option in that.

    Is there a way? Or should I just make the page designs smaller? The site is in my sig.
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    Dec 7, 2007
    Alexandria, VA, USA
    Couple of things here...

    You designed a site using Photoshop, you didn't develop one. To ensure your site is not image intensive and also responsive requires knowledge of web development. That means not simply exporting to HTML from Photoshop, and it means stay away from Flash since it's not supported on many mobile devices and is considered a slowly deprecating technology in web creation in the modern HTML5 era. Knowing how to extract graphics from a mockup in Photo and when to use CSS to minimize page load time and bandwidth is what developers do once a design, like yours, is handed off to them. It's also true that designers can be developers, and vice versa, but I'm distinguishing the two for purposes of explanation.

    So either hire a professional developer or if you want to DIY:

    Start the process of learning HTML5/CSS and eventually moving on to the basic LAMP stack, which implies PHP (language) and MySQL (database) basics on a third party web host. There are countless links and resources as to all this on this forum. If you opt to go down this path, also look into MAMP or MAMP Pro you can set up a local sandbox (development site) on your Mac to create it work out the bugs using an IDE such as Rapidweaver which is very DIY friendly.

    In your case you've create a site with a unique look/feel so the usual advice of find a theme and install an open source/free CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla or whatever does not necessarily apply to your situation. A developer would use your design to create the custom theme, integrated into a response core theme or following a basic liquid design. But not knowing HTML/CSS means more time and learning curve for you if you DIY.

    The purpose of this reply is to let you know what's ahead in terms of high level view, without actually seeing your design or what might be involved.

    Wait for others to reply before you make a final decision as conversations like this usually are fluid as questions are asked and answers are given changing the scope and advice. So consider this a conversation starter.
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    Nope, you pretty much knocked it out of the park SrWebDeveloper.

    OP: I like the design ( my favorites are skinny fonts and simply layout ). You have a lot of work ahead of you to make this a 'real' website. It's not impossible or hard at all, just takes time. I'm 92% idiot and can develop web sites, so you surely can handle it.

    As mentioned, pick up a good book on HTML5 and CSS3 and most of your work will be done. PHP to make your site dynamic and Javascript to make it move. Those are the basic tools of development. From there you will have enough knowledge to know which technologies you may need to further your design and development toolbox.

    Good luck and ask back here if you get stuck somewhere.
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    Apr 13, 2010
    Okay thanks guys! I was looking for a quick fix. Damn!
    Thanks very much for the insight though. I don't really have the time or the inclination to try to learn enough to do my own development! It generally goes a little bit over my head anyway. I will pay somebody to transform my design.

    Merci bein! :)

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