Resolved Help with Automator workflow - how to run an action on files selected in a past step?

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    Jan 13, 2012
    I have an images to PDF workflow:
    1. Ask for Finder Items
    2. Set Value of Variable
    3. New PDF from Images
    4. Add Date or Time
    5. Get Value of Variable
    6. Move Finder Items to Trash

    The idea is to create the PDF, rename it, then delete the images used. I can put Move Finder Items to Trash after Ask for Finder Items, but then the generated PDF is blank. If I could separate the Get Value of Variable from its preceding step -- they're linked; sometimes when you move one it gets unlinked, but I can't unlink these -- then it might work, but instead it just deletes the images and the PDF. I only want to delete the images. How can I do this?

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