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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by notjustjay, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Canada, eh?
    I'm looking for a basic shopping cart style program. Actually, it doesn't even need to be even that complex.

    I volunteer with a decidely small-time summer camp. We have online registrations, but haven't dealt with online payments. Our current online form asks for a lot of registration details -- name, medical info, desired camp activities, etc. -- but when it comes to payment, they have to either send a check or call the camp to provide CC# over the phone. When they submit the form, the data is encoded into an XML-formatted Excel spreadsheet and sent as an email attachment to the camp registrar.

    Now we have an SSL certificate and can run our form over https. Our registrar is tired of the phone calls, so we want to take the next step and accept CC info online.


    1. I could use a shopping cart application. Our webhost (Dreamhost) offers Zen Cart, but this seems way overkill... we only have one product (well, we could add camp shirts and stuff) but we also need to be able to integrate all of the existing form data for all the camper info. We could make it a two-stage process, Step 1 fill in our registration form, Step 2 purchase a registration. The shopping cart app should allow some form of offline CC processing as we don't have a merchant gateway, nor do I think we can afford one.

    Any suggestions on simple shopping carts?

    2. Have our system store the details in some way, for the registrar to log in and look up. I'm very wary of cobbling together an approach myself, though, due to liability, PCI compliance, etc... suddenly I'm a little guy playing in a big world.

    3. Have our system encrypt the CC information using a public key, then email the ciphertext to the registrar, who would have to decode it. Benefit: details are not stored anywhere. A bit of work for the registrar, though. Is this approach relatively safe?

    PayPal is not a viable option. Google Payments, etc. is cool but we are in Canada and a lot of those services aren't set up for Canadians to use.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Why are Paypal, Google Checkout not an option (well I can see why not Paypal as they suck, but still).
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    Canada, eh?
    PayPal - fees are high, reputation is not great. I may, however, set up an account as a "last resort" option.

    Google Payments would be great but they do not support Canadian vendors (need a US federal tax ID#).

    I checked out but they disallow the use of their service for donations and deposits on fees, both of which we would need.

    We could get a merchant gateway going with our credit card merchant, but this would require upgrading our account and cost more in fees than we care to pay.

    For our low volume of sales, the registrar is happy to process the card numbers manually, and actually in our case makes more sense anyway. We're a small camp with limited spaces, so it's good to be able to review applications, talk to parents, confirm space in a cabin, before taking the money.

    I just need to find the best way to get the credit card info into her hands. I'm starting to feel that the best approach is a simple cart application with a good offline processing module.

    Thanks to any and all who can help!

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