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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Arqka19, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Elgin Il
    Hello I'm new in this forum and with the mac stuff I just bought a Macbook Pro, I got a problem with Bootcamp and Parallels, ok first I installed windows 7 64 bits with Bootcamp and I had no problems, Windows 7 ran excellent, then I installed an architectural big application called Revit from Autodesk (thats the only reason I installed windows) and it was running ok in Windows until I installed parallels on a trial period to try it, well it dosen't work for me cause I barely could open Revit on Parallels but I just couldn't work, it was really slow I couldn't even open a Revit file, well then it dosen't boders think I just have to open Revit on Windows running natively but now I can't boot on Windows I can only open Snow Leopard so the questions are is:

    How can I fix this (run Windows 7 natively again) I just have to uninstall Parallels or I will have to reinstall Windows 7 or upgrade to Lion and then it will fix it? Please I need help with this.

    Pd: The machin is a Macbook Pro 15" Intel Core i7 the new ones W/Thunderbolt Thanks.
  2. ANDY918BIKE
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    Jul 27, 2011
    Did you get bootcamp and parallels working

    I may have the same problem. I am going to buy a similar mackbook pro and run bootcamp and parallels also with Autodesk 2012 suite. I will be including an SSD drive and replacing the dvd with the original hard drive.
    I want to run windows 7 64 with Autodesk suite on its own and also though the parallels to include the mac stuff. How do you do this.

    I have a mac pro 3.33 6 core with 32mb ram and run a bootcamp drive with windows 7 64 bit and Autodesk 2012 suite. It is the fastest system I have used. I beats our work pc`s easy.

    I want to do the same on a Macbook pro as above.
    any help.

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